Barbarian’s Taming (Ice Planet Barbarians #8) by Ruby Dixon


As a newcomer to the alien tribe, I’ve struggled to find my place. It might be because I’m a tad headstrong at times. And yes, I might have thrown a few things at people’s heads. But I had a good reason to pitch a fit – my shy sister was stolen away right under my nose. Of course, now she’s back and mated. Everyone’s happy… except me.

I need… affection.
Okay, I’m lonely. Really lonely.

Strangely enough, the only person that I think understands what I’m going through is the same blue-skinned brute that stole my sister. It’s wrong to hook up with him, even as a mindless fling.

Except… I’m not so good with the whole ‘rules’ thing.
And he’s not so great with the ‘fling’ thing.


5 Hassen stars

I know some people found Maddie annoying in the previous book but I loved her. I also fell in love with Hassen in this one. He was everything. Brooding, determined and so sweet and loving with Maddie.

Maddie is feeling alone and left out in a tribe full of couples and kits. She didn’t have the best introduction when she first arrived at the sa-kuhi’s home. With her sister getting kidnapped and with the cold weather on the ice-planet she took out her anger on the members of the tribe. But when Lila returns with a mate, Maddie feels like she has lost her sister in a way. While almost everyone loves Lila, they are a bit distant and careful around Maddie.

“I know what it’s like to be ignored. I know what it’s like to feel like everyone in the world is against you. I know what it feels like to be on the outside and wanting desperately to be accepted.”

Hassen, who’s been exiled as a punishment for kidnapping and trying to force resonance with Lila, is also all alone. All he’s ever wanted is a mate and a family and that is why he kidnapped Lila.

When Lila, Rokan and a few other couples leave for a hunt, Maddie seeks comfort in Hassen. They quickly become ‘friends’ (although for Hassen, Maddie is his the moment they get it on) and spend almost every moment together.

A lot of stuff happens in this book and it tells more than just Hassen and Maddie’s love story.


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