Barbarian’s Touch (Ice Planet Barbarians #7) by Ruby Dixon


When I wake up on the ice planet, I’m scared of everything: this place is cold, silent, and the locals look more like blue devils than aliens. To make matters worse, one of the strangers decides I’m going to be his girlfriend and kidnaps me away from my sister. I’m completely and utterly alone. What’s a girl to do?
Well, this girl escapes.
Of course, that means I go from frying pan into the fire, and my situation gets even more dangerous. Just when I have no hope left, a new hero appears. Sure, he’s blue, horned, and has a tail. He’s also fierce, protective, makes me purr… and thinks I’m perfect.
But is what we have real or just a mating instinct?


3.5 Stars!

This one was…a bit too slowish for me.

We get two new human females in this book and one of them is Lila, deaf and scared. She arrived on the ship that Kira crashed into the mountain in third book Barbarian Lover. Lila and her sister, Maddie, have been in the tubes for a year and are released by the sa-kuhi’s and Kira.

When the sa-kuhi’s and Kira take the two new humans to get their kuhi’s, Lila is kidnapped by Hassen who’s sure he and Lila will resonate. Lila, however, only feels fear when Hassen is near and when the opportunity arises, she escapes Hassen and stumbles upon the metlaks, only to be saved by Rokan, her mate.

I loved how calm Rokan was with Lila. Trying to make her feel comfortable and learning sign language to be able to communicate with her. They were a cute couple but not my favourite, all through the book I kind of loved the scenes with Maddie the most.

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