Barbarian’s Lady (Ice Planet Barbarians #13) by Ruby Dixon


You’d think a tall woman would fit in on a planet of seven-foot-tall aliens, but even on the ice planet, I’m still a weirdo and an oddity. I’m everything all the other cute, dainty human women aren’t.
One guy in particular – the alien Harrec – is determined to embarrass me by pretending 34490323._SY475_he’s interested. He’s a jokester that flirts like mad and hits on me constantly just to make me feel foolish. He gets under my skin. He makes me so frustrated I want to scream.
When a side-trip to a glacier turns into a nightmare and the two of us are forced to survive alone, I see another side to the enticing blue alien. Even with no one else around, his compliments keep coming and I start wondering if the attraction between us… is real.


4 Stars

I love this series! It is the perfect time to read about a whole other planet and get away from everything that is happening in our world at the moment.

This book is about Kate and Harrec. Kate is one of the women Bek bought in the previous book, and she’s different from the other human females. She’s built differently; taller and stronger than the others, she feels like the odd one out even among the big blue aliens. And to make matters worse, the flirty alien keeps teasing her.

“My eyes!” he’d cried out, putting a hand to his chest dramatically. “Look at this mountain of a human!” And he’d pointed right at me.
The other had laughed, and Harrec had looked delighted at his joke. Me, I’d wanted to crawl under a rock and hide away.

Harrec fell in love with Kate the moment he laid eyes on her. She was stronger than the other and just what he wanted in his mate. Although they haven’t resonated, he still feels strongly for her and wants her in his furs. So when the unmated aliens and humans set off for the Elders’ Cave, he forms a plan to get Kate alone for a few days. Only things don’t go as planned, and he ends up injured and in the care of Kate.

“A fierce hunter like myself needs more encouragement than that. Will you let me mouth-mate you?”

Once they’re away from the group, Kate realizes that Harrec’s teasing is not to belittle her or to make fun of her; he compliments her because he wants her. Their bickering was hilarious, and I loved how cheeky and flirtatious Harrec was towards Kate.

“Make no mistake, pretty Kate,” he murmurs to me. “I still intend to woo you. I will give you time to get over your shyness, but just because we have not resonated does not mean that my heart will forget yours.”

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