Barbarian’s Tease (Ice Planet Barbarians #15) by Ruby Dixon


It should have been a one-night stand.
I never intended to seduce Taushen, but things happened. I don’t dwell on the past and while it was great, I’m not looking for a relationship. Of course, try telling that to Taushen. The big blue alien’s in love after one night, and it’s making things darn 35554313._SY475_awkward. We’ve got bigger problems than whether or not I’m his woman, like the ‘cargo’ of the space ship that landed here.
But Taushen’s not giving up. He thinks I’m his mate.

And he’ll do anything to keep me.


4 Teasing Stars

I’m kind of sad the series is coming to an end; however, we do get books with the already mated couples: Ariana/Zolaya, Marlene/Zennek, and Megan/Cashol and I’m hoping Sessah gets his book soon.

Anyhow, in this beautiful and steamy book, we get to read about pink-haired Brooke and brooding Taushen. They had been captivated by the slavers and locked together in one of the pods. The slavers had ‘roofied’ Brooke so that she and Taushen could mate and make kits for them to sell. Taushen, however, has no clue of this and believes Brooke truly wants him as her mate; only when Brooke wakes up the next day, she makes it very clear she did what she did to save them and the tribe.

Taushen is now kind of heartbroken and frustrated at Brooke, who seems to flirt with all the males. He feels strongly for the female, but she doesn’t give him her attention, so Taushen seeks advice from his brother, and with Hassen’s help, he manages to ‘kidnap’ Brooke.

Ah. These men and their kidnapping ways.


“I want all of it. I want everything you have. I want your tears, your touches, your smiles, your frowns. I want it all, and I do not wish to share. I want to put you in my furs and devour you whole.”

While Brooke is not happy with Taushen stealing her, she doesn’t want to go back to the tribe right away, and she wants Taushen to be her friend. He, being the sweetheart that he is, accepts and keeps everything with Brooke platonic. Brooke is okay with this at first but soon realizes she loved his affection and possessiveness.

I liked Brooke, but Taushen was the star of this book. He was super jealous that Brooke would resonate to the unmated aliens in the pods and wanted her for himself. He wants her to only touch his mane and only flirt with him. His reaction when his khui started singing along with Brookes’ was the best one yet. He was so innocent and just perfect.

Brooke leans in and pinches my cheeks. “Oh my god, that is so cuuuuute! Seriously, I could eat you up. Look at how jealous you are! I love it!”

I’m looking forward to reading the last couple of books in this series and also every book Ruby Dixon has written.

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