Barbarian’s Beloved (Ice Planet Barbarians #16) by Ruby Dixon

My tribesmates don’t understand her. The other humans think she’s weak. But no one knows my mate like I do. They don’t see her gentle heart or her brave spirit. I know why 38460281._SY475_she struggles. I know how strong she is. And I know I’ll do anything to make her smile.
But can I convince her that she can be happy in this strange new world with me?


5 Anxiety stars
The story of Ariana and Zolaya was absolutely perfect.

This book is set as a flashback to the beginning. In the beginning, we get a glimpse of how Ariana is doing after eight years on the planet, now pregnant with her second kit. Zolaya is out hunting and has been gone for a long time, which doesn’t do well with Ariana’s mind. So to calm her brain, she relies on her moments with Zolaya.

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People don’t understand Ariana. She suffers from severe anxiety and freaks out about the smallest thing. Just her lunch, she gets abducted by aliens and ends up in a cargo ship with other females. When she wakes up, there are big blue aliens on an ice planet where the kidnappers dumped their ship. Her anxiety goes over the roof, and nobody understands why she cries all the time. No-one except one hunky blue alien.

“The smile that blooms across his face is worth it, though. He’s looking at me with such approval that I feel like I already conquered one of my demons. “Very brave,” he tells me.”

Zolaya understands the human female that cowers from everybody and cries a lot. And he wants to console her. When Ariana gets her Khui, they resonate to each other, but because of Ariana’s anxiety, Zolaya promises to take it slow, starting as friends.

“My mate, your enthusiasm will leave me so spent I will be bedridden.”


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