Crowed (Team Zero #2) by Rina Kent

She wished for death. A killer showed up at her door.

Life left me when my family died.
I thought I wanted to die, too, until death comes knocking on my door.
Only, instead of killing me, he breathes new life into me.
For the first time in my existence, I’m scared. Because when that life is taken from me, I’ll have nothing left.53346801._SY475_

I have one rule: leave no traces behind.
She compromised my identity and needs to be eliminated.
So fucking simple, right?
Not even close.
When she welcomes death with open arms, I can’t pull the trigger.
Breaking my one rule would not only put my life in danger, but it would completely destroy hers.


4 Stars

Eloise broke my heart. And Crow mended all the pieces.

I went into this book completely blind. I skipped the blurb and just went for it—kind of a good idea, kind of not. There’s a lot of essential elements in this series that I imagine are introduced in the first book, so there was some stuff I did not understand.

This book tells the story of alone and broken Eloise and a killer, Crow. When Crow, an assassin of Team Zero, is shot while on a mission, he’s sent to the hospital where Eloise works. Crow’s identity must stay hidden, so when he wakes up in the emergency room, he grabs the first near thing to him, which happens to be the nurse with sad eyes. She doesn’t even flinch when he threatens her life.

“I awaited this moment for a lifetime. I waited for him to ignite whatever lurked inside me.”

Eloise has been lonely ever since her mother died of cancer. Now she lives in her grandpa’s house, alone in this big world—nothing to live for. So when the same man from the hospital appears on her doorstep, to kill her, she welcomes it. However, instead of killing her, he moves in as her tenant. He needs somewhere to stay while his mates try to get him back to Britain. So what’s better than staying in a secluded house with a woman who doesn’t fear a killer living above her apartments.

What they both didn’t expect was to save each other.

What a gritty and heartbreaking story of love and second chance in life. This is the first book I’ve read from this author and is in no way the last. She wrote this gut-wrenching story of two wholly broken people, but she still added a pinch of sweetness and humor.

The little thing doesn’t even reach my shin, but she’s barking and snarling like she can rip my bones and chew them. “Charlotte, right?” What type of pussy name is that, anyway? I shake my head.
The French.
“I’ll call you Cheerio. Don’t be a bitch. Go away.” I can’t believe I’m talking to a dog in a gothic house in the middle of nowhere without any kill scheduled.


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