Fires of Winter (Haardrad Family #1) by Johanna Lindsey

Lovely and dauntless, abducted by invaders from across an icy sea, Lady Brenna vowed vengeance — swearing no Viking brute would be her master…no barbarian would enslave her noble Celtic heart.891814

Yet Garrick Haardrad, the proud and powerful son of a ruthless Viking chieftan, claims her with a primitive abandon that leaves her breathless, igniting fires of passion that blaze through the cold Nordic nights and forge the unbreakable bonds of a fiery, eternal love.


I have 1000+ books on my TBR, and still, I add and search for books to add to that list. Last night, I thought, maybe I should read a book I’ve already added to the list. And as I’m browsing through my TBR, I find this book and I curse myself for not reading it sooner or any other book by Johanna Lindsey, may her soul rest peacefully, her writing is everything I want and need!

Before going into this book, I read some reviews to prepare me for what was to come. So I was ready for the bodice-ripping, rape, slavery, and I read somewhere that there was some physical abuse between hero and heroine, so if that is not something you can read about, I would advise you to refrain from reading this book.

Okay, now, I’m from Sweden, and growing up, I’ve read and learned a lot about Vikings, and so I was very excited to read this book, and Johanna did such a good job when it comes to the research she did on Vikings. When you have some knowledge about the Vikings and the gods, I believe there’s a different kind of feel when reading such a book.

This book tells the story of Brenna and Garrick. Her father raised her and taught her everything a boy would learn. How to ride horseback, sparring, and a lot more what he didn’t teach her, however, or what she refused to learn was all the womanly chores; sewing, cooking, and cleaning, and her knowledge of intimacy is one of the lies told by her sister. So when her father decides to betroth her to a Viking, she’s furious.

However, when her father suddenly dies, and Vikings invades her home, she’s captivated along with her sister and aunt, and now turned slaves. Brenna is different from the other woman. While they scream and cry, she sits in silence and plans vengeance on the men who destroyed her home.

Garrick, a coldhearted, ruthless, and unloving man, never wanted a woman. A mistress. Not after someone betrayed him. So when he returns to his home and finds a black-haired woman in his bed, he’s not happy. The woman in his bed is fiery, and her attitude is non to his liking. Her ability to not give up hope she’ll one day be a free woman again only nerves him, but that does not stop him from bedding her.

Why not 5 stars? The last 20/30% had me pulling out my hair. These two characters were so stubborn! Gah, I wanted to punch Garrick and pull Brenna’s hair! Those last pages before the last chapter were annoying, which is why the rating was brought down a star. Overall, I enjoyed this book and will continue with this series and other books by this author.

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