Dead Pretty by Samantha Towle

I’d once believed that nothing would equal the pain of losing my parents.
I was wrong.
I had barely even begun to process their deaths when it started.
The love notes, flowers, gifts … all anonymously left on my porch.54249929._SY475_
Then, I opened my door to a dead bird.
At first, I thought it had died naturally.
I knew that wasn’t the case when I found my neighbor’s cat the next day.
Then, the murders started.
The victims … women who looked eerily similar to me.
I had a stalker. A murderous one.
And I had no clue who he was.
He never showed me his face.
Not even when he carved his final message into me.
I survived that night. But my life was over. It had ended the moment Tobias Ripley’s infatuation with me began.
So, I changed my name and moved away.
Now, I live a life of solitude. I don’t make connections with anyone.
Until Jack Canti walks into my life with his sharp eyes and easy smiles.
Only Jack isn’t the man he says he is.
And when the murders start again, I’m left wondering if it’s a copycat.
Or worse …
What if Tobias wasn’t the real killer after all … and the murderer has been right here with me all along?


I will keep this review short.

First of all, I saw a lot of beautiful edits on Instagram of this book by Lisa, and I felt compelled to pick it up. And oh my god, what a fucking book!

I was advised not to read any reviews or spoilers of this book, and if you know me, I always read reviews and/or spoilers before going into a book because I’m weak, and I need to know what I’m getting into. However, I’m glad I only read the blurb before starting this book because the ‘not knowing’ was excellent. Everything had my jaw on the fucking floor. You will never be ready for this story.

Whoever you are, you NEED to read this book. NOW. I don’t care; just read THIS BOOK.

Samatha Towle, you’re brilliant. Absolutely. Completely. Fucking. Brilliant. Thank you for writing this book.

That’s it. I will not say anything about this book. I’m not adding any quotes. Nothing. You have to go in completely blind.

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