Prisoner of My Desire by Johanna Lindsey

Spirited Rowena Belleme must produce an heir–or incur the dangerous wrath of a ruthless stepbrother, who stands to forfeit his ill-gotten wealth. And the magnificent Warrick deChaville is the perfect choice to sire her child–though it means imprisoning the handsome knight…and forcing him to bend to her amorous whims.

Vowing to resist but betrayed by his own virility, noble Warrick is intoxicated by Rowena’s sapphire eyes and voluptuous beauty. Yet all the while he plans a fitting revenge–eagerly awaiting the time when his sensuous captor becomes his helpless captive … and is made to suffer the same rapturous torment and exquisite ecstasy that he himself has endured.


This book was something else. I’m just going to put this out there, the heroine rapes the hero, and the hero then kidnaps and rapes the heroine in vengeance…


So, this book tells the story of Lady Rowena Belleme and Warrick deChaville. Rowena is forced to marry an old, dying man and must produce an heir. On their wedding night, however, Rowena’s husband dies, and her stepbrother threatens to kill her mother if she doesn’t get pregnant by the guy he kidnapped.

Warrick deChaville, mistaken a serf, wakes up in a dungeon, chained naked to a bed. When an angel appears, he is hopeful she will help him escape only to be shocked when she informs him of her plan. She must ‘steal’ his seed to produce an heir. Warrick is livid by the woman and by his traitorous body that responds to her seductions.

When Warrick manages to escape, he goes back and kidnaps Rowena. She’s put in a dungeon just as he was and treated the same only difference in her situation: she’s pregnant.

I only started reading Johanna Lindsey last week, and I can honestly say her books aren’t for everybody. Her books deal with rape, abuse, slavery, and I know if this had been a modern romance, I would have stopped reading it, but with historical fiction, it’s a bit different, I feel.

Overall, I liked this book, but so far, not my favorite. I wanted more groveling from Warrick when he found out that Rowena raped him not for greed but because she was threatened, but it seems that these women just forgive their men quite quickly. Other than that, I enjoyed this!

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